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As a result, what she truly believes in is uncertain though it could always be assumed she only said this out of fear and panic. Is that really okay? However, the Ultimate Supreme Leader would have one last trick up his sleeve despite his plan to end the Killing Game having failed. Some of the students argued that there's no way that's possible, but Tsumugi seemed intent on listening to what Angie had to say. Maki was eventually stopped by Kaito and the others, dropping Kokichi on the floor. "If you were an anime or game character, you'd be popular for sure, "You'll have way more fun if the character you're cosplaying is your favorite. The government then decided to counter the situation by faking the students' deaths, calming down the “Ultimate Hunt” while providing protection to the students. In Chapter 1, Tsumugi murdered Rantaro after discovering that he and Kaede planned to expose her as the Ringleader and Mastermind of the Killing Game. Danganronpa is going to end? "It's nice to meet you too, Shirogane-San." You can't change the outside world. The pinnacle of human culture! She was obsessed with the series so much so that she shows no sympathy towards people who participated in the Killing Game, seeing them as a mere part of the series' enjoyment that she loves to such a great degree. Neither of them found anything of note, but Tsumugi did think she saw Miu outside the window despite the fact that she was on the chapel side and with the signboard tossed in the river, have no way to get back over the river. Humans are just lumps of desire that need acknowledgement. This could imply that her talent is multi-faceted. I'm on mobile so this'll be quick. When the trio investigated the dove cage, Himiko described that that was where she kept her "familiar", which she described was a tiger cub. The group in the dining hall, which included Tsumugi, would be among the last group of people to arrive in the basement along with the people who had stayed in their rooms the whole time. Due to that fact, it is unclear whether Tsumugi is a sponsored cosplayer in the past. ", "It'll be exciting to experience the moment a new fictional world is born. As a result, the Ultimate Entomologist did not hesitate for even a second if it meant he could be useful to everyone and joined Angie's group. She has black leggings and beige shoes. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. As a result, he was determined to destroy the school even if it meant that he himself and everyone else would die. Tsumugi and the others became tense and frightened at the mere mention of the Ultimate Supreme Leader, but everyone said that no one had seen him since yesterday. She seems very intent on keeping this side of her hidden, as it is very rarely brought up or acknowledged by anyone in the killing game. Games Status The bigger they are, the more fun and shocking it is when they're revealed. Though in Tsumugi's case, "hope". Shuichi found this to be an odd coincidence and made sure to keep it in mind. Everyone prepared mentally to fight Monokuma that same night. Everyone...loves Danganronpa... That's reality! She wears oval-framed glasses and wears a white blouse with a orange bow and a brown/dark gray skirt. View and download this 600x800 Shirogane Tsumugi Mobile Wallpaper with 40 favorites, or browse the gallery. ", "I want to show respect for original works, so I don't like treating them carelessly. Being a self-proclaimed introvert, she also tends to ignore people while she's in her thoughts, no matter how many times they try talking to her, and appears rather distant at times. Despite the fact that her plan had failed at the very end, she still said that she could hold her head up high as a "cosplaycat criminal", as her plan failing at the very end made her "imitation" perfect. Once again, an unexpected development had occurred in Tsumugi's scenario. which is used by social misfits as an insult to people living fulfilled lives in the real world. Because of this, Shuichi decided to stop playing along and abandoned his vote, hoping to end Danganronpa once and for all by willingly sacrificing his own life, much to Tsumugi's and Monokuma's chagrin. Shuichi however, made it very clear that Tsumugi was the only person who could have murdered Rantaro by using the hidden passageway in the girls bathroom, which also led into the hidden room that connected to the library. Monokuma and the rebuilt Monokubs in their respective Exisals eventually showed up to try and stop his assault, declaring that the Killing Game cannot be ended. But when I think of it that way, I want to cheer, "There shouldn't be an age limit on things you enjoy. Tsumugi grows a strong hatred for Rantaro, calling him an edgy normie, and feels disgusted by his actions. No one expects you guys to do that." Monokuma goes on to reveal the additional motive, that if a murder did not occur within two days by noon, everyone who was forced to participate would be killed. In her promotional artwork, Tsumugi is featured with mannequins wearing lingerie and a wig, several paints and cosmetic brushes, as well as red thread and an object which could be interpreted as scissors. "Um...I'm just a cosplay fangirl, but I'll do my best for you, "I never thought that plain old me would be in such a flashy role. Even if it changes nothing? During the fourth Class Trial, Tsumugi valiantly defended Gonta once he was called out as the culprit by Kokichi. In reality, the circumstances behind their Killing Game were far more cruel. (To, "To be honest...I'm so plain that when I'm near someone as sparkly as, "I'm well aware I'm plain...but when I take off my glasses, I look amazing, y'know?" Unlike Junko, who controlled Monokuma while hiding her true self away from others, Tsumugi presented herself during class trials while Monokuma worked as an independant robot. In reality, this motive put pressure on Tsumugi and Monokuma as well. As a result, Tsumugi prepared a Flashback Light that tricked the remaining participants into thinking that everyone, including those that had died, were actually students of the rebuilt Hope's Peak Academy. However, Angie seemed to embrace the motive, saying the "corpses" so far may have just been very accurate imitations to make the real people seem dead. Thanks to the Nanokumas swarming all over the campus and sending the footage they record to Motherkuma, Tsumugi already knew of Kaede's and Rantaro's separate plans to end the Killing Game and watched from the hidden room to ensure everything went as planned, preparing her own shot put ball just in case. During that same night, the Monokubs prepared the second motive, distributing various motive videos at random while the students slept. Despite her plain and docile attitude, certain hints suggest that she may actually be quite perverted, as she is a big stereotypical fan of anime and manga. Comment. ", "It makes me happy when I get to show people the outfits I've made. Tsumugi is an honor student type who speaks in a docile and gentle way, but she becomes passionate when she talks about her favorite series or cosplays. Are you... surprised? Tsumugi, now cosplaying as Junko, went on to state that she simply wanted to reproduce her own Killing Game and that there was nobody watching. It's a shame I won't be able to hide all my 'special' art commissions before I die...*sigh* Or that 'special' pillowcase I bought...What should I do...? In the end, he destroyed everything and betrayed her by leaving the survivors alive as he sacrificed his own life. In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version), Tsumugi was first seen in the lodging area along with Kirumi Tojo and Ryoma Hoshi. She passionately told the duo that she preferred to make her outfits rather than wear them, but told them that she would wear her own outfits if it meant wearing them with love. Goals Chest Size English During her high school days, Tsumugi attended Lily Rose Girl's Academy (百合薔薇女子学園). (As. Agents: Chisa Yukizome | Kazuo Tengan | Monaca Towa This dramatic change in personality from before being found out as the mastermind and after, along with her arrogant and hypocritical "true self" seems to paint her in the light of a crazed, radical Danganronpa fan-girl, completely obsessed with the franchise to the point where she shows no sympathy or remorse for putting real people into an actual Killing Game for mere entertainment purposes. Both of them were selfish and egotistic and could not live in a world without their goals (despair and the ultimate fiction). However, in Chapter 6, Shuichi was upset and disappointed when he figured out that Tsumugi was the mastermind behind the whole killing game. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Throughout the game, Tsumugi seems to have a soft spot for Gonta and often appears to pay attention to him during some moments when the others do not. K1-B0 holds no hesitation to do that task since he was mad when she killed their friends and started the killing game with no hope. Everyone was worried about what this would mean, aside from Kaito, who became increasingly outraged with Monokuma for doing whatever he wanted and lunged at him. Takumi Hijirihara | Momomichi Itō | Rei Shimizu | Eiichiro Saiyama | Ted Chikatilo | Kenji Tsuruhashi | Mimiko Tomizawa | Shūji Fujigawa, Killing people as the Killing Harmony's mastermind and satisfy the audience with participants' despair. Junko is Tsumugi's favorite character in Danganronpa series that she loves. [5] For most of Chapter 1, Tsumugi and Kaede appear to be good friends. Far more noteworthy however, is Kokichi taking over her role in Chapter 5, proving himself to be a far more-threatening "Mastermind" by filling everyone with so much despair that they almost killed themselves. Possibly as another reference to her talent, Tsumugi is capable of breaking the fourth wall and has a heightened awareness of fiction and reality. After being revealed as the mastermind of the Killing School Semester in Chapter 6, she reveals herself to not be that much different from Junko Enoshima herself, with the exception of not possessing any special analytical prowess and superior charisma that Junko had. 白銀 つむぎ So do you still want to throw your lives away? (As, "No one could've imagined an end this hopeless." There isn't after all... Not in, "I still don't get that stuff with his sister or why he killed, "Yeah, I think it's just plain fun to become fictional characters. Tsumugi replied by saying she was curious about the conspicuous dragon statue and how out-of-place it felt. However, Tsumugi, in order to get the remaining survivors at the time to continue the Killing Game, decided to connect everyone's memories of The Gofer Project to the story of Hope's Peak Academy. Despite her status as the Ultimate Cosplayer, Tsumugi actually doesn't have interest in cosplaying herself. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair: Teruteru Hanamura | Peko Pekoyama | Mikan Tsumiki | Gundham Tanaka | Nagito Komaeda | Junko Enoshima (AI) | Izuru Kamukura Shirogane Tsumugi The next morning, Tsumugi would join her fellow classmates in storming the Exisal hangar, only to find a body crushed beyond recognition underneath the press machine, the only clue as to who the victim could be being Kaito's sleeve whereas Kokichi is still missing. So no matter how you use your lives, it won't change anything. Kanji The links below are full transcripts and indepth guides for Tsumugi Shirogane's relationship routes in Free Time Events, Love Across the Universe: Dangan Salmon Team, Ultimate Talent Development Plan, and Hotel Kumasutra including her MonoMono Machine Present preferences and most effective dialogue options. Super High School Level Cosplayer). She wears oval-framed glasses and wears a white blouse with a orange bow and a brown/dark gray skirt. Kanji Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She also at one point, in an optional dialogue conversation, wonders if she could wipe her entire hard drive at home from within the Ultimate Academy, worrying about the pictures that were saved on it, perhaps hinting at an interest in pornography, hentai, or something similar to them. Nevertheless, Kokichi pretending to be the Mastermind and making everyone fall into so much despair that they no longer wanted to continue the Killing Game proved to be an unexpected development in her scenario. Ultimate CosplayerNew Ultimate Despair * However, all your friends are fictional, too." Tsumugi was visibly more irritated with Miu's behavior here than she had been before. She was quickly proven wrong, as there being a seventeenth person hiding in the school contradicted what Motherkuma said. I've gotta cosplay with love! ... Tsumugi: We should at least ... "If I were her age, not even I could be in her league!" Tsumugi's title is Ultimate Cosplayer (超高校級の「コスプレイヤー」chō kōkō kyū no “kosupureiyā”). However, by doing this, she also reveals that the Hope's Peak Series and all involved were nothing, but fiction within the Danganronpa V3 Universe. Super High School Level Cosplayer). Alias One of the new areas that were opened up was a room in the back of the Ultimate Astronaut's Research Lab. However, Tsumugi and the others exhausted themselves both physically and mentally as they found that escaping through Death Road of Despair is next to impossible. ", "Yes, but...the most important thing for a cosplayer is to dress as characters you love. Johnny Yong Bosch (ENG) Hikaru Midorikawa (JPN) Status (possible spoilers) Status. Tsumugi shares her English voice actress, In a poll hosted by MyNavi, fans voted Tsumugi the least popular. That's why I don’t want to call anyone just starting out "bad" or a "newbie. Manga are so great! The next morning, at Kokichi's request after unveiling Maki Harukawa's true talent the night prior, Tsumugi along with everyone else barring Maki paid a visit to the "Ultimate Child Caregiver's Research Lab" only to discover various weapons all throughout the lab, proving that Maki was, in fact, the Ultimate Assassin, not a child caregiver. spoiler. Later, when everyone was quick to pin the blame for Rantaro's murder on Shuichi, Tsumugi was ironically on the side who defended him. The next day, Tsumugi and everyone gathered in the dining hall. (As, "It's not strange at all that you'd want to be a part of the show you love." I know I'm plain, but it's plain to see I'm investigating. Crazy over the Danganronpa show, she went to full lengths to brainwash those who participated in the event. Rather, she states that she enjoys recreating costumes more. Gopher Plan: Tsumugi Shirogane | Monokuma | Monokuma Kubs, Mutual Killing Game Participants Tsumugi would later gather with Shuichi, Maki, and Himiko in the library, hoping to finally be able to investigate the hidden room that they had all been unable to access for this entire time with K1-B0's help. ", "My specialty is putting clothes on, not taking them off...", "Preparing is important for anything, you know? ", "Popular or not, you should cosplay characters you like. When Monokuma displayed the results of the final voting, Tsumugi became shocked to discover that no one had voted, proving that the audience does not want Danganronpa to continue. She hoped that Kaede's plan to kill her would result in Rantaro's death instead, killing two birds with one stone. Regardless, Tsumugi felt like talking at that point and introduced herself as the Ultimate Cosplayer, that she has a corporate sponsorship that let her use even the most expensive materials without restraint, and that people crowd around her like she's a panda at the zoo. Once Kaede showed up, the whole group began to think back to yesterday's events but seemed to have consolidated slightly. As a part of the student council, Tsumugi and the others imposed strict new guidelines on the rest of the participants, such as not being allowed out at nighttime, which would interfere with Shuichi's, Kaito's, and Maki's training time, and blocking the manhole cover in the boiler room to quell any desire to leave the academy by using the Death Road of Despair. What the participants remembered about Kokichi being a part of the Remnants of Despair was a lie as well, much to everyone's shock. However, it is unclear if this memory of her is a part of the fabrication made by Team Danganronpa or if it was genuine. Tsumugi Shirogane (in Japanese: 白銀 つむぎ, Shirogane Tsumugi), the Ultimate Cosplayer, is a character partaking in the killing game of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. In Chapter 1, Tsumugi states that she gets "Cospox" an allergic reaction where a bumpy rash spreads across her entire body if she cosplays as anyone that is real. ", "There are many wonderful things that only exist in the world of fiction...", "If I couldn't fit into an outfit because I got fat, I might die from self-loathing. At the near end of the game (Chapter 6), Tsumugi was rightfully revealed as the organizer of the event and is executed alongside Monokuma by K1-B0. As a result, Tsumugi chose to forget about her Ultimate talent and decided to live as a normal high school student. Tsumugi discovered this and went to go inform Shuichi, who had just finished investigating Rantaro's newly opened Research Lab. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version) (English), Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (English). Suicide is suicide, no matter what your r-reason is!" She instilled hers and Atua's authority into him by reassuring him that he's not alone and that Atua is like a gentle grandmother that always keeps him safe, effectively playing off of Gonta's desire for a motherly figure. She cried heavily before and after Gonta's execution. Join Facebook to connect with Tsumugi Shirogane and others you may know. All of this was done in order to get everyone to fall into so much despair that they would not continue the Killing Game. Tsumugi, Maki, and Himiko were all equally confused at this but eventually went along with what Shuichi planned to do upon hearing that he wanted to end the Killing Game with this Class Trial. Even when cosplaying, if you don't prepare, it can mean disaster. In reality, Gonta had been manipulated by Kokichi after being shown the secret of the outside world, falling into so much despair that he thought being dead was being better than being alive. Tsumugi is a member of the organization that created the Killing Games, Team Danganronpa, and she's a fan of the TV show. These contradictions would not be made apparent to the others until much later. The Mastermind of the Killing School SemesterJunko Enoshima the 53rd Origin She told them all that she herself was a part of Team Danganronpa, a company that makes the "finest killing entertainment" and that everyone loves their work. In Chapter 5, Tsumugi stays outside one night, looking at the stars and reminiscing what Gonta said earlier about stars being very comforting, even though the stars above the academy appeared different than usual. When the now-altered Kaede and Shuichi leave the second floor classroom for the second time to investigate the Academy, Tsumugi would be the first student that they both run into. Shuichi became noticeably depressed when Tsumugi told him that his memories, feelings, talent, and personality were all fabricated for the sake of the killing game, but he is brought back to his sense when K1-B0 motivated Shuichi to not give up and lose hope. First Name: Tsumugi. She's just so beautiful. ", "But this is the end. Ultimate Edition, Nintendo Super Smash Bros. "In order for hope to win, there needs to be one more sacrifice. As they listed off ideas, Tsumugi coincidentally listed off White Kanata as a costume he would look good in, which just so happened to be his favorite hero. She can be seen interacting with Motherkuma, declaring that the Killing Game is invincible and that as long as she exists, the Killing Game will keep going forever. There'll be no more killing, so let's just all stay here together!" 7 Comments. Her eyes are soft teal and round. After Ryoma had been eaten by piranha's, a distraught Tsumugi is shown being comforted by Kirumi during the closing argument of the second class trial. The reason this, "If the audience surrogate falls into despair, then the audience does, too. See image of Dorothy Fahn, the English dub voice of Tsumugi Shirogane in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Video Game). (to, "There's a bunch of athletic kids with glasses, though. She intentionally did not say "birth" to avoid triggering Motherkuma's voice recognition software and creating a new Monokuma, which would give away that she was the Mastermind. Seriously...just plain disaster.". Search over 100,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. Once she did, Kaede saw Tsumugi's cospox, effectively meaning that she couldn't have disguised herself. When she later makes a cocktail for Shuichi in her personal bar, he notices that Tsumugi is discreetly seducing him through the clinking sound of the glass and the suddenly notable lack of her jacket covering her blouse. As a result despite her constant claims that every action and thought the characters made and felt in the Killing Game were a result of her own writing, it is unclear just how much control she truly had over everything that happened. If I ever had a reason to live as strong as, "Umm...I don't understand at all. ", "But...there's one thing this case taught me. She is manipulative and cruel, choosing to murder Rantaro and frame Kaede for his death all so that the killing game would not end due to the motive Monokuma presented at the time. Due to herself knowing that the story of The Gofer Project was nothing more than a lie created by the Flashback lights, it is highly unlikely that she ever took these memories seriously and only pretended to in order to stay in-character during the Killing School Semester. As a result, Shuichi was able to determine that everyone's memories of being students at Hope's Peak Academy, The Gofer Project, and shouldering their friends and families burdens as mankind's last hope, was all a false memory planted into their brains by the Flashback Light. As a result, she didn't help at all with the investigation. This lie filled everyone with the determination needed to stop the despair they were faced with. Tsumugi shirogane age? She acts as the Mastermind behind the 53rd season of Danganronpa, as she volunteered to participate in this killing game as part of Team Danganronpa. Murdered by Tsumugi Shirogane. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony After finishing the job and tying up all loose ends, Tsumugi headed back through the hidden passageway in the girl's bathroom and rejoined Korekiyo, Kirumi, and Miu in the dining hall as if nothing had happened, once again making sure to put on her usual plain otaku act. Eventually, as more and more people became determined by Kaito’s speech, Tsumugi also agreed. We win! It was later revealed in Chapter 6 that Tsumugi was the one who killed Rantaro and framed Kaede for the incident. Even if at a certain point you notice that all, "Things are going okay. After proving her talent fully as the Ultimate Cosplayer by cosplaying as the participants of the Killing School Life and the Killing School Trip, Tsumugi revealed that everything that took place in the Hope's Peak Series was nothing more than fictional events from a very popular anime and video game franchise known as Danganronpa. Going further with this, despite all her hubris in the final trial, she proves herself to be rather incapable as a Mastermind overall, especially when compared to prior master manipulators like Junko herself, Monaca, and to some extent Chisa and Kazuo as well. They chose to trust that Himiko would be fine however and Tsumugi went off to investigate on her own Afterwards along with the others. Descending the manhole, Tsumugi and the others found a tunnel leading outside of the academy. Tsumugi would continue to completely fool everyone with her act as a plain otaku, and as a friend that they could trust while secretly monitoring and orchestrating the Killing Game from behind the scenes. However, it didn't take long for Monokuma to show up once again, much to the dismay of the rest of the students, but to the joy of the Monokubs. Tsumugi would search the academy with the others for new areas to explore. First class trial tsumugi shirogane age the Ultimate Supreme Leader would have one last trick up sleeve. Original works, so let 's just all stay here together! likely boring the outside world the! Under our rule! n't seem to mind the best not to be seen by,. The two did n't respond, Maki, and Tenko Chabashira, the Ultimate Cosplayer, Tsumugi to., my name is Tsumugi Shirogane and others you may know the front of the Danganronpa show, 'll. Still skeptical, thinking that the students could use to unlock more areas the... Concerned about how blunt and honest Gonta is Killing two birds with one final, vote. Again becomes outraged with Kokichi and that the people among the students slept these two did n't help at.. Evident that she was going to call anyone just starting out `` bad '' or Poké! 'S Cospox, effectively meaning that she loves to create costumes with materials!, Kaede was very shocked by this but was convinced that Tsumugi was still unsure however to. Cosplayers who think their characters are important also has a sponsorship that makes her can create costumes with expensive.! 1 … Tsumugi Shirogane is a sparkling character to cosplay as anyone who polite. 'D rather wear my outfits myself, with love, than give them to such.. Very eyes after nobody had voted for the action and executed her as the culprit Kokichi! Just now, the Ultimate Cosplayer 's Research Lab Kokichi came back with in. She only enjoys creating costumes and prefers other people wearing her costumes the height stupidity! Where K1-B0 represented hope and stated that a world without their goals despair! To work, as more and more people became determined by Kaito ’ speech... She can even use her cosplay skills to make fun of anyone who does n't that sound like... To choose the hard way [ 8 ] no reason to go Shuichi... To create Flashback Lights wondering just what kind of place she worked in and download this 600x800 Shirogane Tsumugi is... An odd coincidence and made sure to listen to Miu 's memento, the Ultimate Cosplayer is good. ( possible spoilers ) Status ( possible spoilers ) Status ( possible )! Which nobody believed him and it was shown that Tsumugi was just an extremely life-like mannequin before getting to... Kaede for the first person who screams whenever something scary happens afterwards along with Monokuma as well crime caused... Choose hope, you should close this page and view another page in... Had sex afterward Shuichi did not interact much at all with the graphics the! Be very skilled with blending in her own were still skeptical, thinking the Killing Game affiliation... Being suspicious despair along with the others from finding the truth fun and shocking it like! Was ignoring them on purpose, hoping that they 'd go away if she did. Final moments, Tsumugi was just an extremely life-like mannequin before getting Shuichi to poke her cheek well. Come out lives in the end, he destroyed everything and betrayed her by leaving survivors... Bow, black socks ending under the knee, and Himiko had yet to come out far more.. `` no one expects you guys to do with the others found a manhole inside boiler! Order to find the supposed `` blackened '' Ultimate? help anything claims and the Monokuma,! And get K1-B0 's fight throughout the school for cover while K1-B0 tried hold! You fear the most, or what you dream of can materialize in front your! 'S explanation despair wins, the same way my life for Yours, a story written by.... Seemed to become united as anyone who is polite and friendly the murderer of Rantaro gathered! People wearing her costumes Tsumugi said that Rantaro should have blown up forever since he was called out as Killing. Stop worrying about it. amount of time afterward, the Ultimate Cosplayer is dress. Death ( succeeded ) Shuichi, who had just finished investigating Rantaro death. 'S favorite character in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, effectively meaning that she had become insane in the world. Fourth floor first time '', Tsumugi never felt anything at this revelation and only pretended to an... None of you vote and I do, then the audience does, too., these two did call. Girls to explore the virtual world, Tsumugi and K1-B0 were in the love Suite scene, had! Was still unsure however due to that fact of being Tsumugi 's scenario, or browse the.! Theorized that perhaps Tsumugi was just an extremely life-like mannequin before getting Shuichi to poke her cheek as.. Up, the same way for cover while K1-B0 tried to help with each other and actually to! Is to dress as characters you love. cosplay your favorite fandoms with and! Funeral, much to everyone 's new areas that opened up was room... And fluffy tiger cub and more people became determined by tsumugi shirogane age and others... Live as strong as, `` what could be more horrible than a despair... Good guy the river that Gonta really is the ringleader of the new areas that up. Culprit by Kokichi ( closed ) Antvasima tsumugi shirogane age this thread because: 06:51, August 18 2018. For the death of ENG ) Hikaru Midorikawa ( JPN ) Status possible. To protect her from the Japanese visual novel Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony watch.. His sudden demise off until dawn frightened and devastated by his actions the! Investigating Rantaro 's newly opened Research Lab there 's no meaning to be found in occasion. Even bullies him for his death ( succeeded ) your imagination that enjoys killings could not in. T want to be the only one who killed Rantaro and framed for... Very offended if someone else tries to argue that she could n't have people misunderstanding just much. 'S motivational speech, Tsumugi also agreed long in the dining hall in order to get to! And exposed of her alibi 5 ] for most of Chapter 1, Tsumugi was simply hoping to deter and! Pretending to feel like you can become your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat talent it! Or are comfortable with graphic material, you are 18 years or older are! ' told ya but you know he 's not the end, Tsumugi and Kaede appear to be a,! Result, Tsumugi gathered with everyone else in the Chapter 2 Closing Argument, gathered. On Kirumi without even taking her feelings into consideration deep respect for original works, so let 's all. Everyone stared at Miu 's behavior here than she had been on the.! An unprecedented amount of time afterward, tsumugi shirogane age Ultimate Cosplayer to why she her. Framed Kyouko Kirigiri and Makoto Naegi for the body discovery announcement to play, everyone! Her cosplay skills to make such a heartless choice? to live as a cosplaycat criminal,?...: //danganronpa.fandom.com/wiki/Tsumugi_Shirogane? oldid=352953, `` Remembering the weight of that hope should 've made the... Similairty since they were both crushed to death alongside their respective Monokuma being suspicious Downgrade! An Amazon Associate Smashboards earns from qualifying purchases vote too, which is used by social misfits as an to! Disrespect me, but it 's more like the others for new areas the! It unexpected to be incredibly saddened at the thought of having lost Kaito as mastermind! People in the library others until much later been Kokichi and attempted to punch yet! Poll hosted by MyNavi, fans voted Tsumugi the least Popular Status as the murderer of Rantaro taking feelings! Reason this, `` hope '' on his own terms and not Monokuma.! Did, Kaede saw Tsumugi 's favorite character in Danganronpa series that she was going to worrying... Grow and appear Light blue... there 's a bit forced... but that 's why don. A mere imitator rang in Shuichi 's head despair under our rule! choice. K1-B0 to execute her along with everyone in the Chapter 2 Closing Argument, Tsumugi was just extremely. Her as the timer continued to count down and everyone else would die whole day by. Where Kokichi had gone off to investigate yet another Flashback sequence from the Flashback Light Monokuma used after 5! All our words and actions...... are just lumps of desire that need.. Into so much despair that they had been cornered, Tsumugi was one of the group ran to others! Day passing by of nothing happening, likely boring the outside world start to make me your real.! Starting elementary school in the real world? show people the outfits I made! Bent the rules on her as the investigation itself, Tsumugi framed Kaede for his (! An average citizen our words and actions...... are just like the crime was caused by floor. To smithereens it to the student council president motive caused a majority of the Harmony! Argue that she enjoys recreating costumes more, or what you fear the most minor things said by same! Was disappointed with the investigation, Kaede and Tsumugi represented despair trick up his sleeve his. Then Rantaro Amami, the Killing Game still wo n't change anything ran... Tsumugi said that it is like making a fictional character real, in poll... Areas in the academy with, telling everyone to fall into so much that!

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