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To provide quality healthy Doberman puppies to responsible loving dog owners throughout the USA.We work with like minded Doberman Breeders consisting of family and both old and new friends to achieve this goal.We are European Doberman Breeders specializing in large healthy quality dobermans with great temperament, superior intelligence and athletic ability. Our puppies and dogs are all family raised but we understand the importance of proper training and want to see the puppies we produce being able to enjoy their lifetime doing things they love. Recently, breeders have made great strides in minimizing these traits in Dobermans. For those who elect personal protection training, several options are available. 407-907-6127 or 407-461-5093 Home At Elite Family Dobermans, our primary focus is to breed World Class Doberman Pinschers for Fine Families and Estates. All of our dogs have champion/working titled pedigrees and are titled or working on a title. For those who elect personal protection training, several options are available. They’re a member of the AKC and the only national Doberman specific club that is sanctioned by the AKC. West Coast Doberman Ranch is a family-run breeding business in Northern California in the large city of San Jose. The breeder strives for top-quality European Doberman Pinschers that have superb health, ideal temperaments, and conformation to the purebred AKC standard. To learn more about us or to inquire about available dogs, please contact us. Looking for a loving home for the puppies. Obedient, athletic, and could be counted on, not to mention so regal and breathtakingly beautiful. We are a young, married couple with a few Dober-kids. In fact, Doberman pinscher experts often advise against special guard training, which could result in over-guarding and aggression. They now have a mixture of Black and Tan Terriers, Pinschers, Rottweilers and herding dogs. It's not "all in how you raise them" and it's not entirely "they are what they are.” For optimal outcome take the best genetics and give it the best experiences. Doberman breeders. I strive for a positive optimistic attitude. When you purchase a Valor pup you are getting more then just a dog, you are becoming apart of our family. Even when I got in the house she never left my side and continued to pace the door huffing and sniffing. We are quality breeders focused on producing the Doberman as a companion and are most concerned with good health and a sound temperament. An AKC Breeder of Merit and a member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of … (click HERE for specifics), 6. I barely started to feel uncomfortable about it and as he tried to come closer to me, she got in-between and for the first time let out a low and deep growl saying, "you will never get near her..". Doberman is a loyal, alert, and fearless dog breed and it is one of the world's most famous dogs. At Elite Family Dobermans, we believe integrity within a dog's character determines the willingness to please, love, and serve us. 3. You don't have to be religious to get along with me- I respect all religions and non-religions. This is the heart of all of what we do anyway right? Please don’t make it uncomfortable by bad mouthing others for the sake of bad mouthing someone. Still in the thick of the worst time of my health, I struggled being sick every day and having something to work toward and look forward to. Pathos is a Latin word having to do with the power of emotional experiences. Titan Doberman is located right outside of Columbus, Ohio on 5 acres for our Doberman and Doberman puppies to play on and enjoy. These are our core values and what PRIMA stands for: 1. Modern Doberman breeders, unlike past breeders, create Dobermans with toned-down aggression and ferociousness traits. I grew up showing horses and a couple occasions we bred and trained and showed our own foals. 1. My 1-year-old had fun looking at all the little things! For those with disabilities, our dogs can be trained for service work. 4. 7. Please look on my page for picture of the parents. I believe this is what the Doberman is all about, powerful emotional connectivity. Dobermans You’ll Love. All of our dogs are fully health tested and updated annually. Breeding is the combination of science and art. Program. Our buyers become family and we stay connected. There is a good, better and best to most things - never settle for less than the best you can get or the best you can be. Hello, our names are Shayna & Danny. Kris Johnson and Family proudly represents Krimson Dobermans. Ruholfia dobermann kennel located in ireland. The greater a dog's genetic predisposition to serve us, the more rewarding the relationship.

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