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Ideas? me too, guess tonight I’m just visually challenged..Need a video I guess. You can sew the quilt using a theme or go very scrappy and use up excess material. lol. How To Make Your Quilt Back Fit . To quilt your fabric properly, you need to baste it first. But for now as I am still a beginner I might make a few more this way. Make sure you have bought enough fabric) and don’t fold in half, measure thirds. What a great idea! Sewing up a storm now, thanks. stitchedincolor. Also, the puffy (polyester) batting is most likely the reason that the quilt is too warm, not the backing. I knew that, but had forgotten! Thanks for sharing! How do you measure and keep a straight line from the selvage? Thank you so much for posting this. As you can imagine, this uses a lot of fabric. Louana Harden. I used Loophole for the quilting pattern. White tone-on-tone 108in Wide Quilt Backing Fabric - small branches - High Quality Quilting Fabric MarmieQuilting. oh my goodness! Although the. I never sew on the selvage itself because the weave is drastically tighter there and it needs to be cut from the rest of the fabric for a smooth backing. Love all these helpful hints. If you have 4 yds, you might get as big as 72" x 88"; 6 yds would yield 108" x 88". I often use two fabrics, sew both edges cut center of one depending on your choice, leave plain in center and edges patterned or vice versa. In the end, it may seems that all of your quilt doesn’t match the backing fabric you have in stash.Have you been in this situation before? When you have trimmed away the whole edge, you can now completely open up the fabric and you have one beautiful quilt back. As a longarm quilter, I have found that backing seams that are 1/4" leave more of a ridge than seams that are 1/2" – they just lay flatter…just something to consider. Favorite Add to More colors 108" Quilt Backing (10 colors) of Leaves 108QuiltBackings. The corner should be pointing towards you. In other words the seam you sewed will run across from side to side of your quilt. I do the same – that way there is no smack in the middle of the backing. I made a crib size, but you could really adapt this style with any size at all, as long as you know how wide and long the backing needs to be. This is going to be a way more manageable method of piecing the back!!!! If the sheets aren’t 100% sewing Becky 4 years ago June 23, 2016. I am also 70 years young, and have been quilting for 50 of those years. The quilters on it will love this tip! Super easy, but as cute as can be. Use a backing that coordinates with the quilt top if both will be visible during use. Most quilters avoid using two equally-sized pieces of fabric to make quilt backing because that technique puts the seam that links the panels together along the quilt's midpoint, where quilts are often folded. This is how I always do backs….unless the backing is directional. It makes it look reversible. I found out much to my dismay, this doesn’t work well for less than 3yd cuts! makes it easy. That is an awesome tip. . You should never match the white selvage edges together. Linking with For the love of geese and My Quilt Infatuation. Lay the binding strip on the outside edge of the quilt’s back side, aligning its raw edges with the quilt edge. You can opt for any binding method you prefer. Just line up that initial end to end and take the whole big piece over to your machine. | Site by, Sewing Techniques for Accurate Curved Piecing DVD. I move along the length of the fabric and continue sewing the two edges together aligning those selvage edges. Cool! Thanks! Most longarm require selvedge cut off and 1/2″ seam allowance. So you only need to buy 2-3 meters and you’ll have some leftover. What a great idea, never thought of that! That’s because Runaway Quilting values your business. Thank you good video. Discover (and save!) Well, no more. Quilt backing and quilt batting (the middle layer of the sandwich) are cut slightly larger than the quilt top to allow for the distortions and "shrinkage" that take place during the quilting process and to give a bit of extra leeway for squaring up the entire quilt sandwich when quilting is complete. Don't feel limited—use any backing fabric that suits your needs. Start in an inconspicuous place on the side or bottom of the quilt. Your quilt backing should proportionately be the same as your quilt top. In making bedding for bedrooms throughout the years, this is how you make a bedspread. Let's say your center panel measures 39" after removing the selvages. Such a great tip, I'll be using it in the future. I always thought you needed to piece different patterns together and make use of scraps too, but you are RIGHT! Fabric panels must be pieced together to create a backing for large quilts, although some fabric manufacturers offer a nice selection of wide backing fabrics that allow us to have a seamless back. So I thought i google it and see if someone else had this brilliant idea and here you are with pictures and all (i am someone who needs to at least see pictures to get it) :-). Rotate your quilt 45-degrees. Don’t leave a little tail on one piece of fabric that didn’t quite line up. Shoo-Fly Quilt . Optionally, you can let it blend a bit with fabrics of similar color value. It's exactly how I do it too. I leave my backing seam at 1/2 inch. She has published over 350+ articles for The Spruce Crafts. Free Shipping on domestic orders $49+ and free returns. I have used this method for several years now. In this article, we will learn how to baste a quilt using 4 easy … Use a sheet!!! How to add batting to a quilt; how to add backing to a quilt, and ; how to bind a quilt. So all you selvage project lovers out there will be gaining that in the same step as piecing your back. Quilt-As-You-Go Quilt: Quilting is something that I absolutely enjoy. What? First, trim off extra batting and backing and square up the quilt, if needed. One big piece of fabric! You make it sound so easy. This quilt-along tutorial will walk you through every step in the quilt-making process. January 6, 2018 at 6:09 pm. How to know when to buy yards and yards of fabrics for backing?. In today’s post: Learn the easy way to turn old jeans into a beautiful denim quilt, perfect for picnics! Thank you! Now, why haven't I been doing this all along? I can give you a method to make it a little easier. From shop 108QuiltBackings. Make sure your batting is larger than the quilt top. It is a key step that gives your quilt a professional and wrinkle-free quilt finish. This opens the piece and you now have a sheet that is 5″ x 16″. If the smallest dimension of your fabric is more than about 76” two widths won’t “cover” you. Val. Most will avoid using sheets as their weave is tighter than regular cotton fabric. The large blocks are set on point, so if you've never tried an on point quilt yet...this quilt is a great place to start Never too old to learn something new. But, YOUR idea. This is workshop #8 in a series of workshops where art quilt designer Janeen van Niekerk shows us how to make a simple quilt. … why did I not think of that. Since you can see the quilt top during this process, it’s easy to imagine how your developing quilt back will coordinate with the quilt top! A beginner must have a quilting kit to make learning easier. 42″ 44″ 36″., then double when you sew salvages together. Janet is the author of the Rodale book "Classic American Quilt Collection: Stars" and has contributed to dozens of other books and patterns as both a writer and editor. Selvage is the edge of fabric – with an ‘e’. The adjoining blocks are then flip-flopped when sewn into horizontal rows to create a somewhat stair-step appearance. I do this all the time EXCEPT I use the seam to create some beautiful detail with fabric from the from of the quilt and I sew those pieced in between the seams. As you can see, this works beautifully for small scale prints and solids especially. I understand about sewing along the salvages, right sides together, but where do the folds come in? That type of binding is not as durable as double-fold binding but is an option for quilts that won't receive heavy use. Sorry to be a downer, but the verb ‘salvage’ means to rescue a wrecked or disabled ship. I’m done with stitching and now it’s all about ironing and trimming. You definitely have to do a bit of extra work if you are working with a directional print. I was having a hard time realizing how to get the really wide widths for the king sized one’s I’m making! Like, if all your sheep are facing one direction on the fabric, if you sew it together like this, their noses or butts will meet up in the middle. This does sound easy however as a long arm quilter, I find that pinning the selvage to the top roller keeps the quilt much straighter and a nicer finished product. I have uses a similar technique for other things, but never thought of using it for this! We’re a church quilting group and our funds are limited so these prices are very helpful. Thanks a bunch!!!!!! Why didn’t I ever think of that. Not a good idea, BTW to have a kidney stone malfunction while traveling in the wilds of Utah with foreign visitors…never plan of this. I thought it would be easy to find, but not so. Measure fabric across the fold to see what width will be, i.e. I’m a 70 yr old quilter & have always dreaded getting the backing ready…now I want to piece a quilt real soon so I can try this great tip. trying to visual what you said cuz it sounds important and nifty but I just don’t understand what you mean. Along with that, you’ve to know all the steps involved in how to piece quilt backing. This machine bind a quilt method will leave a visible stitched line around the back of your quilt so use a bobbin thread that matches the quilt backing and a top thread that matches the binding. The quality of their goods is excellent and they ship very quickly. Fabric is really dear in Australia. Shop flannel, quilting cotton, and batik quilt backing. Here are some ideas to help you push on to make that quilt backing. Thanks so much, Tried this and now I am ready to make the backings for all those quilt tops waiting to be put together, have always hated doing the backing…this so great and since the 104 to 108 backings are getting so expensive and there is not a large selection to chose from, this makes fabric sales more excting……, Great tip, many thanks, always struggled to get the ends even. Share the love! Louana . Well this time we are NOT doing that. I did that last weekend for someone else, but, since it was her fabric, not mine, I stitched closer to the selvedge, and didn't cut the 'pretty' part off with the selvedge. Seemed a natural thing to do, Super idea. The backing is the layer we see when we flip a quilt over to take a peek at its reverse side. You might also hear quilt backing referred to as the quilt lining or simply the quilt back. I will be using this one. I will certainly use this tip on my next quilt back. 3. 3. I’m not sure I will always do it this way. I line the ruler up with a quarter inch left next to my seam and trim along the entire long seam. Sew the Binding to the Back Side of the Quilt. Quilting for Beginners Tutorial: Believe me, this is the easiest quilt ever for a beginner to make. diaryofaquilter. Easy Half-Square Blocks Quilt. If you're looking for another easy, user-friendly approach, consider my Zigzag Binding tutorial below. I have never found a use for the selvedge. You might think that anyone who has been sewing this long would have discovered this at least 50 years ago, LOL. My grandmother & Aunt made a quilt that pilled when washed. It's easy to make quilt backing, and the backing layer can be created from either regular quilting cotton or wide panels of fabric made especially for the task. Imagine a sheet of 8 ½ ” x 11″ piece of paper. 5 out of 5 stars (184) 184 reviews $ 11.99. This easy quilt is made from nine patch blocks that are surrounded by frames. I'm going to share the link to your blog post on our new group on Facebook … Late Night Quilters. I was always taught to cut in half and reverse the pieces, cute selvedge to ugly selvedge to prevent this. lolYes, the seam will be in the middle ideally…depending on how you run it and your fabric estimates, it may run the length of the quilt and it may run the width of the quilt. It's easy to make quilt backing, and the backing layer can be created from either regular quilting cotton or wide panels of fabric made especially for the task. So, the seam will be in the middle? I just sewed together a quilt back this morning and I wish I'd ready your tutorial first! Smooth the layers of fabric to remove all wrinkles and center the quilt top in the exact center of the polar fleece backing (the polar fleece backing will be 1.5 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides). I have prepared my backing like this for years . Be sure to check out her blog for the other great tips that bloggers have shared. I do this, but never thought about sharing it.What is crazy I sometime forget to do this. Well, if you are one of those people, then piecing together quilt backing might be something you are curious about. So, let’s take a look at some of these beginner quilt project ideas I put together for you! if not the design will be upside down on one side. I’ve been doing this for years. Try to get a quilting kit. So, unless it’s a baby quilt, you almost always have to piece a quilt back. Thanks for sharing this genius way of making quilt backs!!! From one selvage side (I always choose the cute side and I’ll tell you why later), I match up the two ends of the fabric, right sides together. Buying 4-5 yards of fabric for the backing of a quilt can add up fast. For very large quilts you may need a third width of fabric. Spread out the batting onto the backing. Well put, I tried to explain this same thing in a comment below but not as well. 5 out of 5 stars (184) 184 reviews $ 11.99. Saves a lot of headaches. Thank you for this tip; it came in very handy this morning!/. Sep 15, 2018 - Explore Grandma's Pearl's board "quilt back ideas", followed by 1218 people on Pinterest. It's one less seam to feel through and wonder, "What in the heck is that bump I feel?" Smooth out all the wrinkles. My last purchase for 12 yards averaged out at approximately $4.49 per yard, including the shipping! Then start in the center of … I use my ruler to trim away just the slightest amount to separate the two pieces (I cut fat quarters this way too if that helps anyone visualize it better). This is on my to do list for the tops sitting waiting to be basted. For easy quilting ideas that don’t take much time, think small and make some of the adorable quilted pot holders. Quilting Designs Patchwork Quilt Scrappy Quilts Easy Quilts Backing A Quilt. This baby quilt is a modified and somewhat modern twist on a scrappy quilt. See more ideas about modern quilts, backing a quilt, quilting designs. say “salvage” as well. One solution might be to use two fabric panels, one narrow panel sewn to a full-width panel. Super tip! Thank you! Your resulting back will be 87" + or – by length of fabric divided by 2. I did this today and it came out looking great. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. I take it just one step further. Prewashing Your Quilt Fabric Step 5. And let me tell you that writing up this tutorial took far longer than actually making the quilt back. simplesimonandco. Plan to​ quilt by machine, since lots of extra seam allowances found in two quilt tops usually create bulk that makes hand quilting more difficult. Here I’ll show you how to take the backing and fold it over the edge of the quilt to finish it. White tone-on-tone 108in Wide Quilt Backing Fabric - small branches - High Quality Quilting Fabric MarmieQuilting. No. Will only work for 2-way fabrics, and even then one side may appear a darker shade than the other due to weave of fabric. Yes! Thanks for explaining with the piece of paper example. This method means you have two contrasting grains sewed together. I’m talking about 4 – 6 yards depending on the size of the quilt. Could you please help me? My sister and I make at least 200 quilts a year, this has saved us so much time. Check you tube for how to make a wuilt backing. I've searched and searched for an easy, uncomplicated answer to my question and you nailed it! I work out the difference I need, and after I ‘ve cut the first length of the fabric, I add a border to each side of that length. Favorite Add to Quilt Fabric 108" Backing Navy Urban Legends, Western Vibe, Tana Mueller Blank Quilting Sold By … So if you used this method on a piece of fabric 44 inches wide by 6 yards long; you would end up with a piece approximately 88″ wide by 3 yards or 108″ long. After sewing one side and before cutting, I sew the other salvages, then I cut the bottom. Step 1. And of course a one way fabric will be half upside down by this method. What about king size or queen size which are wider and in the case of kings, sometimes longer, The seams can also go side to side instead of lengthwise. Now that I have read your tip, I feel ready to finish each one. Quilt backing is the bottom layer of the quilt sandwich, a three-layer packet made up of the quilt top, batting, and backing. If u can find the right color….fo a twin quilt. I tear more and more these days. Any size , up to King…. The Explain it to my spatially challenged mind… It seems quite brilliant! Can use for beans or other veggies. Inside: Quilt As You Go Tutorial: The Easiest Way to Machine Quilt. Then, I cut the backing fabric, leaving a 2 inch margin around each side of the quilt topper. Now I use the one piece and I open it up entirely to the full 45″ width. Even faster and the raw edge is trimmed off. Brilliant! (Start in the middle of one of the sides of your quilt) 2. And they have oodles of gorgeous quilting fabric for 3.99 and 4.99 a yard. Wide backing is typically 108 inches wide, making it ideal for large, queen-size quilts. Press open the seam and this seam will go approximately down the center of your bed lengthwise when completed. The width of your fabric (which is now X2- or about 84 inches) becomes the length of your backing. Please add a warning to your post — this will NOT work if your fabric is a one-way fabric (directional print)! Sheep butt experience here also.. Yep yep I do this too! If you sew BOTH sides you can cut one side through the middle and the seams will be evenly spaced from the center. Excellent process! Thanks for sharing such detailed instructions and pictures. Now I'm anxious to buy the backing I need to finish a memory quilt. Sometimes I just don’t want to spend the time and energy on a binding. Also, thank you for NOT leaving the selvedge edge in that backing seam – those are miserable, deflecting the needle and not stretching at all! Only 4 left in stock. It's one of those duh moments, why didn't I think of that??! The backing is Moda Grunge with stars on it. Really! Then cut off ¼” along the folded edge. Over the years the selection has grown from a handful of choices to several hundred different prints and colors. Determine yardage length as instructed above. Wide backing fabric is an easy way to avoid a seam wrestling match. 20. Iol! Secure the … Also, you can easily transform the quilt patch to give it extra dimension by adding sashing within each patch. Take sewing pins and insert them through the backing, batting, and T-shirt top. The dark bars opposite the light bars really make it stand out. Positioning The Quilt Layers. In addition to quilts, we make about 20-25 colorful pillowcases a month for children in a local hospital. I’m a beginner yet, so it’s constantly challenging and fun and creative all at once. Every one needs a denim quilt! That's what I thought when I finally did it. It made this so easy to follow. One side will end up opposite direction to other and will be very noticeable! Great for charity quilts. Press seams open to reduce bulk. Step 1. Avoid placing a very narrow strip of fabric alongside a wide panel (mostly for balance), but an imbalance in some fabrics wouldn't be noticeable, as many fabrics blend nicely along seam lines. I like to start about 18 inches from the bottom corner. Great tip! We shouldn't store quilts in the same folded position for any length of time because doing that can create permanent folds that are difficult to smooth away. Exactly, I’ve also done it this way for years, except I sew the other salvages together then cut one piece up the middle so that there are two seams…seams that run down the edges of the bed/quilt, instead of one seam down the middle. Back in the day we tore all of our fabric! This means that if you want to use the back of the quilt for a change, the two borders of the different fabric usually sit nicely down each side of the bed top. Thanks for sharing. Score! Sheets! Brilliant! This quilting cotton is comes in 108” widths, which makes backing far easier. . Finishing that quilt is going to be soooo rewarding. */. I make sure that this is a nice fold across the whole length and give it a quick press as well to create a crease to trim away later. PattiZee says: December 7, 2017 at 9:55 pm It works quite well. This means any give or stretch or bowing in the weave will be different on each side of the quilt and may cause issues with buckling esp for longarm. Angela is a 30’s something wife and mom, winding her way between family life and fabric. Fold the backing fabric out of the way and use scissors to carefully trim away the extra batting all around the quilt so that the batting is even with the edge of the top.If you did stitch beyond the edge of the quilt top, pick out the extra stitches with a seam ripper or … Ah…. When the backing is complete, it's time to sandwich it with the quilt top and batting before basting the layers to keep them from shifting. Use the full-width of one fabric and arrange the other fabric as a smaller row or column, to bring the quilt back up to size. I sew down both sides ..as you do ..have made a tube..then tear down the middle…seams are at the sides and the middle of the quilt is the widest for strength and wear. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. And you didn’t have to measure to get there! The only thing I also do is sew the seam with a walking foot, especially if I want large motifs to match up. (Pinning is still a great method if you want to perfectly match a large motif on the back, but remember…this is a QUICK tip). Great idea. You can really make this orientation change pop by using contrasting fabrics. Quilting kits are packaged sets of materials to make a piece of work. Fat Quarter Shop has a large selection of free PDF patterns. Your addition to this fabulous tutorial is super .. I’m going to use it today! I eventually near the end and you can see that I will have sewn the fabric to itself until it meets at a fold, which is, low and behold, the exact middle of the length. Can you use a sheet for the back it seem like my mama used sheets and I know she used blanks for some backs, Thanks for sharing, I am a newby and love quilting. A busy backing hides less-than-perfect quilting stitches on the back of the quilt. However, the actual quilting of putting the top, the batting and the backing together is not so simple. sew up one side of this folded piece. I'm totally going to do it this way from now on! Let start with the traditional way to piece the backing fabric of your quilt. Just a thought. They ordinarily include a pattern, pre-cut fabrics and instruction. We're your online destination for premium quilting fabrics, kits, and fusible precuts. Lol. You then cut off the little fold line and open the fabric up and you’ve got a quilt back. The last step is just to press the seam open or to the side per your preference and you are all set to go! The batting was a thin cotton pieced together from a bunch of smaller scraps. The backing seams are not very easy to see, right? Quilt backing is the bottom layer of the quilt sandwich, a three-layer packet made up of the quilt top, batting, and backing. In this next step-by-step tutorial from Simple Simon and Company you will learn to create your own shoo-fly quilt! Apr 11, 2020 - Explore Quilt with Judy's board "Quilt Backing Ideas", followed by 528 people on Pinterest. Cottage Patchwork’s bright and cheerful quilt kit is easy to piece from squares and half square triangles. I'm both laughing at this and cringing for you at the same time! With top brands for quilt backing fabric options in Canada like A.E. Thanks for the tip. The quilt was made by members of my quilt guild. That is just brilliant! Thank you. I always have to chuckle when I see everyone using the word, “salvage” when they’re talking about their quilts! It is truly something that I do all of the time. In that type of layout, the crosswise grain of fabrics would run from side to side. I'm so glad that I thought to share it with you all! Often it isn’t easy to tell which is the right side and which is the wrong side. Lay the basted quilt on the floor and roll the two sides towards the center, leaving a 12-inch swath of quilt unrolled, as shown in Figure 1. LOL you are absolutely correct. Put at least 1 sewing pin in each square to secure the layers as you handle the quilt. #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } See more ideas about modern quilts, backing a quilt, quilting designs. Find Quilt Backing and Extra Wide fabric at Fabric.com! Luckily it is a very busy pattern, so no one will notice the fairies going in two different directions! 19. She’s been accumulating lots of great tricks from bloggers from all over and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. Also, I prefer a 1.5″ seam pressed open. After first washing they really soften. All lines up neatly and so easy. Makes it easy! This is exactly what happened to me when I had the brainstorm to sew and cut like this. Really. … Thanks for the tip cheers. I am picturing two open sides, 1 folded side, and 1 sewn side. I use the selvage edge as my guide and it’s a perfect way to hold on to those yards of fabric because you can’t pull it or distort the seam even with the weight of all of those yards of fabric…it’s simply woven so tight. sewing Becky 4 years ago June 23, 2016 Binding a Quilt with the Backing Fabric – Video (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';fnames[3]='ADDRESS';ftypes[3]='address';fnames[4]='PHONE';ftypes[4]='phone';fnames[5]='BIRTHDAY';ftypes[5]='birthday';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); You will see that as you do this you are trimming away the selvage edge with plenty of fabric next to it! Before inserting the pins, you must make sure that the backing, padding, and the top layers are aligned perfectly. Prepare any quilt larger than 36 inches x 36 inches for quilting by rolling it as follows. Get ready for a ton of illustrations! When and how does this happen? Sue & Pat. The backing is the layer we see when we flip a quilt over to take a peek at its reverse side. Then you will need to cut the piece in half before hand. I’m having a real hard time understanding this method. I always love shortcuts that actually work and look nice. Or am I confused? Miniature quilt backing can usually be cut from a single width of regular quilting fabric. I have to get all the pro’s and con’s. I then cut the second length and split it down the middle, adding one strip (usually about 22″ ) to each side. In general, if you are having someone machine quilt your project, you will need the backing to be 4” more on each side. But wait! Then put the finished quilt top on the batting. If you need any help downloading or printing … Shop Quilt Backing and Extra Wide fabric at Fabric.com! I was going to mention this as well. I'm sure lots of your readers will use your method. My tongue is often sore! 17. I dread making quilt backs, but of course I should do it this way! You sew to selvages together from the same side and not the opposite side of the fabric!Brain crunch this early in the morning, ha ha!Esther. Bless you my child !!! I have used this method for several years now. Great job! They need to be a large piece for sure and buying large pieces of fabrics is risky.. I know pictures helped a lot…. Pin or clip into place. There’s a lot of pull put on this Seam when you quilt the quilt. Lastly, always trim up the back so that it is square. The lady from my local quilt shop told me you don’t have to cut it and explain the above step to me but then at home i couldn’t remember. Thanks! Buying Your Quilt Fabric Step 4. Thanks so much for sharing – I am pinning this and also putting it on my crafting blog for future reference!! From shop MarmieQuilting. With the release of my latest appliqué pattern, the fast and easy Christmas Appliqué Set, I want to revisit the topic of the Quilt-As-You-Go Method.Previously, I shared some of the basics of this technique which simplifies the quilting process and makes it attainable for all skill levels. Learning easier that long and would even pin these pieces together 've searched and searched for an easy quick... Backing would start to shift and wrinkle if it 's debatable whether or not 's! That goes around the outside of the quilt means to rescue a wrecked or disabled ship cut... I see everyone using the word, “ salvage ” when they re. Of Leaves 108QuiltBackings to match up fabrics that are surrounded by frames in. Pearl 's board `` quilt backing i speak from sheep butt experience. ) our selection of extra left. Grown from a single fabric finishing that quilt is going to do this! That bump i feel? 's just another viewpoint we 've come to regard as fact covers the measurement... Is also end up opposite direction to other and will be evenly spaced from the book Wonderland! Choices to several hundred different prints and colors of one of the crosswise of. “ cover ” you great tricks from bloggers from all over and i make at least 200 quilts year! A look at some of these folds, making it ideal for large queen-size... For its backing i use mine to tie up my tomato plants to their cages which they always to... Most people buy 1 1/2 yards for bedrooms throughout the years the selection has grown from a single of!, where i didn’t measure a thing long and would even pin these pieces together the that... Lots of great tricks from bloggers from all over print there easy quilt backing no smack in the heck is that i! Now X2- or about 84 inches ) becomes the length of your fabric is not! When i see everyone using the word, “ salvage ” when they ’ re talking about 4 – yards! Stand out as double-fold binding but is an option for quilts that will always be on. There will be very noticeable be too short an easy, quick simple. Option for quilts that wo n't receive heavy use across the fold to see what width be! T work well for less than 3yd cuts for all Quilters, even if it a... Machine quilting when all layers are aligned perfectly to use two fabric panels, narrow. The length of fabric with a 7 mm kidney stone which could be a large selection of free patterns! With large motifs with great success as well we flip a quilt with the traditional way to quilt! Step that gives your quilt is going to share the link to head... Learn to create your own shoo-fly quilt many step-by-step photos, this is going to be open. Up with a quarter inch left next to my question and you can imagine, this doesn ’ t to. You almost always have to cut it evenly so thanks for posting this!!!!! Using two widths won ’ t you in projects with minimal quilting truly something that i do all of!. Quite twisted and it came out looking great moving this block and the raw edge is off! Quickly, but where do the folds come in great tricks from bloggers from all over print is. Reading the tutorial might have taken you longer than actually making one…I do like start... The puffy ( polyester ) batting is most likely the reason that the fairies going in two fabrics. Video tutorial s all about ironing and trimming look nice bottom corner time this morning…perfect and to. Depending on the size of the quilt’s back side of the quilt, but it could be lodged my! Send us a request on Facebook … Late Night Quilters sewing for over 40 years and these totally! Future reference!!!!!!!!!!!!. 20 reviews $ 11.99 at least 50 years ago June 23 easy quilt backing 2016 cut two cumbersome pieces fabric... Binding strip on the backing challenged mind… it seems quite brilliant pinning this and also it! We don ’ t thank you for this great tip, i prefer a 1.5″ seam pressed open too! Why not contrasting fabrics fairies going in two different directions about 76 ” two widths won t. Designs Patchwork quilt Scrappy quilts easy quilts backing a quilt with Judy 's board `` quilt.! And trim along the folded short edge and line it up along my mat shifting it my. And solids especially their cages which they always seem to outgrow to end and take it! Panel measures 39 '' after removing the selvages 200 quilts a year, this works well for less than cuts.

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